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visiting Maastricht - the South of The Netherlands

I was visiting a very charming hotel in the South of the Nederlands by the end of last year.

The young owner of hotel "Les Charmes"in Maastrich Jules Augustinus (27) is running this nice located hotel since 4 years now.

He inspired me with his nice interior design & the humor touch. You will find out there.

Especially the moustache is a nice item at this place. You will find a moustache on your key and in the paintings, on statues. etc. really funny.

I felt at home immediately. The breakfast is perfect & this hotel has 15 bedrooms. It is very well situated between Square

Onze Lieve Vrouwen & Square Vrijthof. I will come back for sure. See you Jules. Maastricht is also a very good shopping area. You will find all kind of shops. A lot of exclusive shops will bring you the inspiration what to wear in the next season.

An absolute must to see is the bookshop "the Dominicanen" in the Dominicanen church in Maastricht. It is one of the most beautiful bookshops worldwide.

You also find nice restaurants in this beautiful place. I will give you some of my favourites: Hotel/Restaurant Le virage - Cortenstraat 2 = very delicious In the Koestraat you will find a nice winebar "Via Mucca". This is a nice place to visit when you have the wait for your table at the Virage restaurant.

Restaurant "O" - nice fish restaurant - Rechtstraat 76 = one of my favourites Restaurant Rozemarijn French-international - Havenstraat 19

You have to wait probably for a long time but this is absolutely worth it. Restaurant Beluga is very exclusive (michelin star) Plein 1992 Brasserie Flo is a French restaurant - stationstraat 28

Nice Café's Café Zondag- Wijckerbrugstraat 2 trendy Café Sjinkerij de Bóbbel - Wolfstraat 32 old school, nice beer & dilicious ham from the cave. You have to taste this speciality. Café In de Carcol -Stokstraat Grand café - In de Morian -Stokstraat 12 Koffielovers - Dominicanen church for nice coffee in a different ambiance

HOTEL LES CHARMES Lenculenstraat 18 6211 KR Maastricht




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